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Welcome to the Pitmaster Challenge!

The inaugural Pitmaster Challenge will take place Saturday, August 10th, 2019.  This challenge was envisioned by Tony Nickles to create a social event in our development that would address a few items:

  • Create an ongoing event where neighbors, new and established, and their families can get together to socialize and help benefit a great cause.
  • Besides being a social gathering of immense fun, it is designed to be a charitable fundraising event to support the FM Raise Your Spirits organization.

Event Background

Westport Beach, in West Fargo, ND, is a development comprised of many original (12 or so years ago) and new residents. It is a development based on safety, inclusion, and good old-fashioned principals including the “neighborly way” of doing things.

A few years ago, one of our neighbors lost their house to a devastating fire, including all their belongings. A group of us from the development got together and in less than 4 weeks created a fundraiser and block party for them. It was a TON of work, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears; a lot of cold calling and asking for favors and items, but it was a great way to help out a family in need and it brought Westport Beach and surrounding developments together.

Since it was such a great event, I had been asked numerous times about if we can make it an annual event, and recently a few have been asking me about a pitmaster, BBQ smoking competition too. So, I thought “Hey, why not combine it into one event?” Hence here is the concept!

The Concept

The concept is the creation and successful implementation of the 1st ever Westport Beach Pitmaster Challenge Fundraiser. I have a good friend, Bob Stromberg who is the founder and driving force behind a great organization called FM Raise Your Spirits.

"FM Raise Your Spirits is a 501c3 non-profit organization established in 2017, that provides 100% profits generated through its annual events to the cause(s) for that year.  Our purpose and core principle is to raise awareness and revenue for non-profit organizations chosen by the public each year while also recognizing volunteerism excellence in the form of four “Champions of Charity” awards at our FM Raise Your Spirits Gala."

As stated, all funds raised and donated stay local, which is very important. See more at: Their Facebook Page and/or their website.

My goal is to raise money for this cause and present a donation on behalf of our development each year.

Thanks for your interest in helping to support this great organization!

Tony Nickles